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The year is 1937, and actress Patricia Dahl has found herself struggling in a film industry that's under new, tighter restrictions. Left high and dry in this film role drought, her last hope is a shady audition at an old mansion outside of town. 

However, soon after her arrival, it becomes clear the director never had any intent of letting her leave alive. 

Only with the help of the ghosts of the director's past victims can Patricia escape, and only with her help can the spirits finally pass on to the next life.

Ms.Director is a RPGmaker horror puzzle game heavily inspired by 1930s hollywood, film noir, and paranormal fiction.  It doesnt take itself too seriously, and there's plenty of light moments and nonsense inbetween running for your life,  avoiding falling victim to one of the director's traps, or trying to figure out where you saw that last thing you needed for a puzzle.


-A massive mansion to get lost in
-10 ghosts to find and help cross over
-5 different endings 
-1 detective ghost that won't leave you alone
-Far too many really stupid jokes.


If you're still not sold on the game, try the free demo! You can meet the first three ghosts of the mansion and get a feel for what you're in for: https://sketchynonesense.itch.io/msdirector-demo

This game features swearing, alcohol and tobacco consumption, mature themes, light blood/gore,  and death. Reccomended for mature audiences.

Estimated run time: 3 hours

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
Tags1930s, Black and White, Female Protagonist, Ghosts, hollywood, Horror, LGBT, Noir, RPG Maker
Average sessionAbout an hour
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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I can't believe I never shared the link to my playlist for this game!!


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How do I get to the shaft in the cellar from that monster. he moves to fast even when i run. i did the first ghost chick, got smokers room key & cant reach the dumb waiter. :O love your game. in an earlier build, It was different I got to the dancer, passed that, & I assume that was the end of that build at that time?. Anyway, I'm stuck.

to get past that monster after you put the fuses in the box you gotta avoid stepping again on anything that makes noise, or it'll run after you faster. If you're asking how to get past it before you get the fuses, you just cant alert it. Because theres no way to escape after that so you have to restart the area


OK, got through that, phew. Thanks.


This game was so charming and fun! I really enjoyed the spooky film noir aesthetic. The wlw content was really meaningful to me as a lesbian, I loved how it was handled! Your creative vision is really compelling and distinct.

I couldn't figure out how to get every ending (and I think there were some secrets I missed) so I'd definitely be interested if you ever released a walkthrough for the game!


I had a great time with Ms. Director. Its black and white noir aesthetics, charming writing, 50s Hollywood backdrop and sweet jazz music manages to take the haunted mansion puzzle subgenre into a really cool direction that's lighthearted, funny and charismatic while also using its elements of classic horror to add the right ammount of danger and uneasiness to the mix. Great stuff 👏




I'm having some trouble... I found the movie watcher, the dancer, the detective, the competing actress, the billiard-player, the very shy lady, the maid, and the nurse... and I was still in the middle of helping the maid and the nurse when I found a kid. It played two cutscenes in that room, changing it to a state where the chandelier was up again, and now even after I've helped the kid the nurse and the maid are just gone. Is that supposed to happen? If it helps, I could try to get a video of what I do that leads up to that outcome.


oh no

Sounds like somehow finding Eloise broke things for you??

Im not quite sure How because their stuff never really crosses paths but i'll look into it n see what's up. 

Thankfully since our nurse and maid friends are optional you can still complete the game and it wont effect your ending. 

Super sorry this happened n thank you for letting me know!!

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I made a video of how I got to this point... sort of. I didn't meet the kid again, but the nurse and maid still disappeared, so that's a thing. Here's everything I did, with timestamps and notes in the video description.

Edit: Also, I noticed that you made some updates to correct spelling errors. Is proofreading for spelling something you would be interested in?

I am slightly concerned I may have the wrong version of the game, and that may be what is causing the problem, because while the zip is labeled version 1.05, the folder inside the zip is labeled version 1.04.

ah, yeah that's a mistake on my part, it IS the right version but i forgot to fix the label on the Actual File and not just the zip like a dummy,  sorry bout that ^^;

Good to rule that out.


I'm here for a good time, not a smart time. Very interesting game so far! Love the old-school music, the character designs, etc. 


Hey!! I'm deeply enjoying this game!! It's very creative and interesting with some great scares. I've managed to get 3/5 endings but I had a question about the fireplace:

I know the telephone says I should come start a fire whenever I have time but anytime I try to use the matches, it doesn't work. Is there anything I'm missing? 

Glad to hear you're havin' a good time! : D

The fireplace is for an optional puzzle involving one of the optional ghosts in the rooms near prop storage. 


Thank you for responding :))

Thanks for letting me know about the fireplace (I couldn't stop thinking about it!)

Honestly, when I finished playing this game--I found that I missed it!! This is really a unique and charming horror game, I'm so glad I played it!!


Ms. Director is a charismatic hybrid of comedy, film noir, and horror—filled with wonderful characters and an engaging story. There are few games that get me this genuinely invested. 5/5.


Hey, I'm enjoying the game a lot so far! I'm close to two hours in, but I'm stuck. I'm pretty sure I've checked everything I can. I've helped the nurse remember who she is and also summoned the maid ghost. If you could give any hint or a push in the right direction, that would be great. I'd love to finish it!

Did you finish helping the ghost in the parlor that knows Patty? She's in the hallway between the downstairs and the upstairs on the right side. 

No I haven't. I'm supposed to find out how she died, but I haven't found any clues.

If you've got the portrait ghost available you could go ask her for a nudge in the right direction

If not, maybe try and find where the director might've written down stuff about our friend in the parlor. Maybe that'll help you figure out where to look for clues?

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You mean the planner, right? All it talks about is the nurse when I choose to read it again, even though I told the nurse what I found.
Edit: I decided to reload and talk to the parlor ghost before the nurse. I was able to find the clues from the planner this time. I think I might've been locked out of finding info since I helped the nurse first.

Oh shoot thats a pretty bad bug

Sorry you had to go through that! But thank you for finding this out! I'll be sure to fix that soon as I can!