New year, new demo!

Last update this time I swear!

Thought I should probably update the demo because there was enough new changes to warrent it and I could use the feedback if my new layout and other changes are actually any Good or if I should go back and change them again.

Did atleast half a dozen facesprite tweaks,  made abuncha new sprites because old ones looked ugly and were bothering me, changed up the map layout yet again with some new areas to explore, rewrote some dialogue for the dozenth time.

Also: there's a new ghost you can find and talk with! I made her a smidge hard to find though, just to keep things interesting.

hopefully it won't be much longer until i'm done with this game. Just two more puzzles, a smidge more dialogue, and a stupid amount of cutscene art and then I'm done!

Happy new year!


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98 days ago

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