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Love your game! had it for a while.  *uploads update*  🙃

Did another small update with one scene getting a smidge new art n some new tunes got added, not rlly enough for a full dev log,

let me know if there's any bugs I missed


Alright, that was awesome.

the combination of black-white-red reminds me an awful lot to Sin City and it's really clever that you used it to highlight possibly useful items, as well as how hiding worked in a certain part, everything was really good and it's worth a shot keep developing it, good job! 


THIS. WAS. AMAZING. I love the story, the art, EVERYTHING! Amzing work and I'm so excited to see the full release!


Hey, a great project! I really loved the aesthetic and story itself, so far at least. I did a little playthrough of it~ 


I had a lot of fun playing this demo, although I'm bad at puzzles...I can't wait until the full release:


Well I had fun playing this, love the story line, the artwork is great!

I did point out some spelling errors and stuff but I guess since you're already working on fixing that now my input is obsolete, lol.
Also, I kinda had a little bit of trouble figuring out what to do, but I guess that's just cause I'm kinda stupid.

I like your use of color to make things stand out better against the black and white scenery.

Anyways, I can't wait to see more of this game and I really hope you enjoy the video!


Thanks for the tip about the notes! I'm not the best at puzzle solving. This was a really great demo and I can't wait for the entire game! Great job!


I really enjoyed playing your game. I am looking forward to when the full game is released.


i love this game

It took me 1h to play(maybe iam not a good playerTwT)

It need more jumscare and challenger


It's not often you see an rpg horror game using noir style. I'll keep this game in mind. Beyond that, it'll be nice to have a bit of ambiance music for the silent parts of the demo. 


This game is really good so far! I like the plot and the puzzles, although I'm pretty sure I'm missing something. Where exactly is the ballroom? And is the clock time the combination for one of the locked doors? Other than that I'm having a good time and I can't wait to finish the demo! Great job!

The ballroom is at the end of the right hand hallway, and to get all the combinations you need to use the time in conjunction with the amount of time late in the journals. The third journal piece is in one of the rooms you'll unlock

Hope this helps!